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Purchasing Long Term Care Insurance

The LTC Policy Guide

Long Term Care Planning

With the costs of long term care climbing every day it important now more than ever to plan for the future. Get covered before the need for care arises.

LTC Insurance Costs

With numerous coverage options and companies in the marketplace a long term care policy can be crafted to meet most budget and coverage requirements.


Planning ahead ensures you can customize your Long term Care policy options to meet your unique care preferences and ensuring you have peace of mind.


LTC companies are not all created equal. We will help you explore the different providers and the long term care insurance options which they offer.


The best LTC policy premiums can be found while working with an insurance agent experianced negotiate the best price and coverage.


The first step to getting acquainted with the Long Term Care Insurance coverage options available to you is our LTC Policy Guide.

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Purchasing Long Term Care Insurance


Learn about the basics of Long Term Care insurance so that you have the required education to choose the perfect coverage for you. This is a great time to connect with an independent agent who will serve as your advocate and educator through the coverage buying process.

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Once you complete an application it will be submitted by your agent to the insurance companies of your choosing. Once submitted for review and underwriting your agent will help you navigate and negotiate the perfect cost and coverage balance.


Once you select an fitting policy and complete the required medical examinations the insurance carrier will issue you paperwork to sign. Upon signing and making your first payment your long term care policy will be enforce and you’ll have peace of mind. 

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Long Term Care Insurance Costs

The costs of long term care insurance can very significantly based on numerous factors which include age, health condition, the state of residence as well as the amount of coverage desired. The process to determine your long term care insurance costs begins with submitting an application for a LTC quote an insurance agent licensed in your state. 

LTC Quotes

Start a Long Term Care Insurance Quote by selecting your State. You will then answer a few simple questions and get fast competitive LTC policy quotes from a trusted local insurance agent who specialized in Long Term Care insurance products. Our goal is to serve as a guide to help you find the long term care policy which is right for your unique needs.